Converting Forged Camshaft of one of its esteemed customers to a Tubular camshaft.

Sintered connecting rods



Success With Customers

Client: Indian Truck Manufacturing Giant

Goal: Cost reduction; BoM Reduction

Success Story: The esteemed client in question had two plants located in different parts of the country manufacturing Trucks to cater to different market segments. Both these plants had their in-house capability to manufacture engines, however, both these plants were using different connecting rod designs. Mandate to Fortuna was to make a common connecting rod that can be fitted into both these engine varieties and also bring in cost reduction in the process.

Fortuna designed the connecting rod from scratch and choose to convert the conrod into Fracture Split design. After having the design validated by the end customer, Fortuna did a rapid prototype development with support from its strategic supplier partners and delivered the prototype samples in a record 10 weeks. More importantly, a reduction in cost to the tune of 15% was achieved resulting in a saving of INR 60 Million per year to the customer.

Client: Indian MNC with products catering to Multiple segments

Goal: Cost reduction

Success Story: The esteemed client in question was catering to different segments of the industry including Auto, off-road and other such applications. Even though the engines were in similar range, BoM for engines differed with respect to the applications. Customer was organized as per the end application and hence had limited visibility on engine BoM across different segments.

Fortuna spotted an opportunity to design a conrod which could be used in multiple engines catering to their respective segments. A connecting rod which could be fitted to at least 4 of the engines was developed and approved by the end customer. There was cost reduction across each of these segments whichwas further reduced after gathering volume discounts from raw material suppliers.

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