A new addition in our product family, we specialize in the manufacture of camshafts through the forging route / bar route. With a huge support from Tata Motors Ltd. India, we have been able to set up the facility in record time and are now looking forward to capacity enhancements to fulfill our ambition of being a major player in this product. Within a short while, we have been able to add major players like Tata Cummins Ltd., Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd. & Greaves Cotton Ltd. to our clientele list covering all types of camshaft requirements both in material category and in size. We are now in a position to supply camshafts made from Forgings, Chilled Cast Iron, SG Iron & Bar Route with lengths upto 1.5 Mtrs.


Surface Finish within 0.2 Ra
Roundness within 5 Microns
Velocity Error within 4 Microns
Radial and Axial profile within 20 Microns

Fortuna has successfully transferred the RFT (Right First Time) approach from its connecting rod experience for developing camshafts within 10 weeks’ time. Backed with in-house facilities to design and develop fixtures and toolings, this approach has seen the last 3 projects getting single shot clearance.