Converting Forged Camshaft of one of its esteemed customers to a Tubular camshaft.

Sintered connecting rods



Factory and Facilities

We have state-of-the-art equipments for manufacturing, inspection and quality assurance, in line with the requirements to be a world class connecting rod manufacturer. Over and above, the entire organization is on an ERP platform delivered by IFS Solutions, Sweden, and customized to our requirements enabling Fortuna to have 100% of its transactions on ERP with complete traceability and EDI capabilities.

Receiving Inspection:

All our bought out components undergo a thorough inspection to check conformance to requirements. The sampling plan is frozen with the customer and all the relevant records are maintained and traceable from the finished component. All necessary metallurgical and other inspection equipments are available in-house.


With the current capacities we can produce 2,50,000 connecting rods per month where 70% of production is managed through VMC manufacturing line and the remaining through a mix of VMC’s and SPM’s. Our current Camshaft capacities are at 4,500 camshafts per month with a roadmap to further this to 17,500 camshafts in the next two years.

Final Inspection:

Each and every component produced by us gets validated through a series of in-process gauges and the final multi-parameter checking gauges.

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